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We are constantly adding new materials, so please check back often to see our latest content. Some organizations running enterprise analytics have hesitated to widely deploy Tableau – with understandable reason. Albert has served as a Senior Consultant, Solutions Architect and Director of Education for Senturus.This page describes properties available to an instance.Some properties are available on a system properties form, but some lesser-used properties are only available from the System Property [sys_properties] table.In severe cases local programs may be executed or Java security disabled.These bugs can potentially be used to turn the machine into a zombie computer, steal confidential data from machine and intranet, spy through attached devices, prevent useful operation of the machine, assist further attacks, and many other malicious activities.However, giving the fact that organizations are free to restrict the forms of their own email addresses, using ONLY this filter can you a lot of, yahoo, hotmail, aol have special rules For example : "(comment)[email protected]"is an invalid E-Mail address per RFC5322 (Appendix A.6.3):"Also, the comments and white space throughout addresses, dates, and message identifiers are all part of the obsolete syntax." I managed to get this to work with PHP 5.1.6 on Cent OS 5 with minor difficulty.1) Download the PECL filter package2) Extract the tarball3) phpize the directory4) ./configure5) make6) filter-0.11.0/logical_filters.c:: error: ext/pcre/php_pcre.h: No such file or directory7) find / -name php_pcre.h8) Make sure php-devel is installed9) Edit filter-0.11.0/logical_filters.c and replace "ext/pcre/php_pcre.h" with the absolute path of php_pcre.h10) make11) make install12) add "" to php.ini13) Restart Apacheoutputs:'on': bool(true)'On': bool(true)'ON': bool(true)'off': bool(false)'Off': bool(false)'OFF': bool(false)'yes': bool(true)'Yes': bool(true)'YES': bool(true)'no': bool(false)'No': bool(false)'NO': bool(false)0: bool(false)1: bool(true)'0': bool(false)'1': bool(true)'true': bool(true)'True': bool(true)'TRUE': bool(true)'false': bool(false)'False': bool(false)'FALSE': bool(false)true: bool(true)false: bool(false)'foo': NULL'bar': NULL FILTER_VALIDATE_URL does not support internationalized domain name (IDN).

Because Senturus works across the entire spectrum of enterprise BI and self-service tools, we share real-life experiences with each type of solution.

Controls whether import set fields can automatically increase in size during an import (true) or not (false).

By default, data that exceeds the import field size is truncated.

In this webinar recording, our experts explore the high-level benefits and drawbacks of the two disparate solution types: enterprise BI platforms and self-service analytics tools.

These are just some of the fashionable – and confusing – terms used to describe the diverse array of business analytic solutions taking hold in our organizations.

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