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When she was young, she attended an acting school for three years where she studied acting, singing and dancing.

Her musical career began in 2011 after singing "Tu Resplandor", the Spanish version of "The Glow" from the "Disney Princesses: Fairy Tale Songs" album.

The album itself Forever Massari was officially released on Universal Records Canada on 10 November 2009.

It included songs by writers and producers like Rupert Gayle, Alex Greggs, Derek Brin, Rob Wells and Justin Forsley.

Even though there's really only one wolf in the popular Grimm fairytale. The two really beat the theme to death with the flashing red lights, but overall they kept the energy up with a fun performance.

His music combines Middle Eastern melodies with western culture.

He started his musical career in 2001–2002, and has released three albums, Massari in 2005, Forever Massari in 2009 and Beirut in 2017.

Martina sports an iconic red cape while running through a mysterious forest (actually, L.

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She has been working in the studio with Belly and Ryan Dan on her upcoming debut album with first single due for release in 2010.

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